Rebuilding Together Greater Burlington

Rebuilding Together Burlington Project Days are a Success!

During the months of April and May, projects were completed in four separate locations. The numbers don’t lie — Rebuilding Together project days were a huge success!

• 27 volunteers
• 228 hours of work
• $9,485 worth of improvements
• 4 very happy homeowners!

We cannot thank you enough for your role in improving the lives of so many people in Vermont. Volunteers like you make our work possible. Please check out our website to view pictures and video from the Huntington project and LIKE us on Facebook.

Also, check out our neat time-lapsed video of the Huntington project day.


Rebuilding Together Greater Burlington
Rebuilding Together, formerly known as Christmas in April, is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to helping low-income homeowners, particularly those who are elderly, disabled, or part of a family with children, with home renovation and repair.

Our goal is to keep these families living in warmth and safety, while providing them with independence. Our impact is lasting; neighborhoods are revitalized and families are able to stay together. 

Why our services are needed 

The number of low-income homeowners in the United States increased each year and is expected to grow to 28.5 million by 2010. 22% of Americans cannot afford the basic necessities of life after paying housing costs. The situation becomes one where they own a home but cannot afford to maintain it. Since its inception, Rebuilding Together * Greater Burlington has successfully completed 17 home projects.

If you are in need of assistance or know someone that is, please download our homeowners application and we will be happy to consider you for our upcoming project day.